Shkrim në monografinë dedikuar Hanit të 2 Robertëve, pikës fokale të kulturës dhe artit kontemporan para dhe pas luftës [transkript nga video intervista

Petrit Selimi

Hanin e 2 Robertëve e mbaj mend si një serial të gjatë të pandërprerë të ngjarjeve dhe rrëfimeve, me disa episode shumë të veçanta, duke i ndërruar lokacionet dhe duke i ndërruar mysafirët. Duke ndërruar historia e Kosovës, edhe Hani ndërronte, por gjithmonë e mbante identitetin e vet, i cili në thelb ishte identiteti i Prishtinës.

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Në vitet ’90, në kohë okupimi, kur unë po rritesha, Prishtina s’kishte mundësi t’i ofronte diçka rinisë, por Hani ishte vendi ku mund ta gjeje lirinë e shprehjes. …

Squaring the circle of the Balkans accession to the European Union.

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Dawn at Taukbashqe park in Prishtina, October 2019.

There was a true storm in a twitter tea cup this week, when it became clear that France was insisting on vetoing any formal step of EU enlargement towards Balkans, stating that Europe needs to focus on reforming the accession process before entering “an endless soap opera” of membership talks. French President called the enlargement debate as “bizarre”,even questioning the wisdom of allowing visa-free travel for Balkan countries before opening the negotiations.

EU Commission clearly stated that Albania had made a concerted effort to eradicatethe issue of corruption among its judiciary, while North Macedonia resolved a dispute with Greece when it changed the country’s namefrom Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to Republic of North Macedonia, thus have clearly earned the right to start accession talks. Outgoing EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn called the lack of approval “not a moment of glory for Europe — it’s the third time in 16 months that we are discussing this important issue!” …

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Remarks at the closing ceremony of #WomeninScience Summer Camp in Kosovo, which gathered 100 girls from Kosovo, USA, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia with tutors from Intel, NASA, Microsoft, US Department of Energy, etc.

This is the closing ceremony of one of the most exciting projects for the Millennium Foundation Kosovo. My name is Petrit Selimi and I had the opportunity to address you at the start of this journey and I have followed the hashtag #wiscikosovo throughout last few weeks, being very impressed with the diversity of the classes and the depth of your engagement. I was also bit jealous of the fun you are all having while being engaged in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Science is indeed fascinating. But I dare say, girls and women in science should not be fascinating. Gender inclusion is a necessity for progress in our societies. Hence, much have been said — and proved empirically — how having more women engaged in science and technology is better for economy, it’s better for society. …

The exclusive story behind campaign by the Government of Serbia to delegitimise Kosovo, using as intermediary Vladimir Cizelj, a person famous for multimillion corruption scandals from Belgrade to Botswana. Most recently, Serbia's "special advisor" has been seen in Venezuela, where he promised on behalf of Belgrade to "establish technological alliances to guarantee the protection of the Venezuelan people"

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(NB: This is a lengthier research piece based on a thread I published on Twitter)

A scandal just broke in the Central African Republic, where the local media have uncovered a payment of 350,000 Euro from Serbian government to the CAR’s minister, in return of obtaining a letter od “derecognition”of Kosovo. …

Borrell will need to add depth to his dialogue team to ensure a comprehensive deal between Kosovo and Serbia — Commentary by Petrit Selimi

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell is poised to become the next high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, the European Union’s de facto foreign minister, in one of the most challenging times in the bloc’s history. The dramatic political photo finish in London’s approach to Brexit, Russia’s growing involvement in external — and, increasingly, internal — European affairs, and a range of volatile crises in the Middle East and North Africa will all demand the attention of the experienced Spanish diplomat as soon as he takes office.

Yet an issue far closer to Brussels may shape Borrell’s agenda in his first few months in the job — and may even have a profound impact on Spain’s future place in the European foreign policy landscape: the situation in Western Balkans. One important aspect of this situation is the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, which has had an unusually large impact on the schedules and performances of Borrell’s predecessors. Once again, the Western Balkans quagmire will demand a lot of resources from an EU commissioner. …

(My latest blog at Atlantic Council) — French President Emmanuel Macron visited Serbia on July 15, the first such visit of a sitting French head of state since former President Jacques Chirac in 2001, only months after the fall of the regime of former Serbian President Slobodan Milošević. What does the visit mean for Balkans?

While the international landscape has seen dramatic shifts in the two decades since, including a return of great power politics, the European Union’s attitude toward the Balkans has changed less than many might think. While Serbia and Montenegro have opened EU accession talks with Brussels, the region seems as distant from the EU as ever.

France lies at the heart of the EU debate about enlargement to the region, as it is one of the member states most reluctant about opening accession negotiations for candidates North Macedonia and Albania. His reservations are shaped by the opposition to further EU enlargement in the entire French political establishment and the vast majority of voters. …

INTERVIEW FOR DAILY ZERI • 17 November 2016 •

One of the largest funds for economic development that is expected to engage in Kosovo is the Millennium Challenge Corporation. This fund is a US federal agency that operates in some 30 countries that meet the requirements of human rights and good governance. Kosovo needs every year to pass these standards to ensure massive investment in key areas of economic development, and this year Kosovo is expected to fail the index of control of corruption.

The leader of this project in Kosovo, former Deputy Foreign Minister Petrit Selimi, speaking to Zeri (Voice) on the consequences of failing to control corruption and says “looks forward to the decision of the board of MCC investments in Kosovo”. …

INTERVIEW: “Better control of corruption will allow for American investments”

Petrit Selimi, the Kosovo National Coordinator of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, speaks to daily newspaper “Epoka e re”/ 15.11.16

The National Coordinator of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Petrit Selimi, emphasized that energy, environment and rule of law are three possible investment fields by this corporation. In the interview given to newspaper “Epoka e re”, Selimi stated that these fields have been identified as challenges for a more rapid economic development because, according to him, without electricity, without water and without the rule of law; it is difficult to attract investors. He emphasized that corruption is a problematic issue for any investor and a real obstacle for investments. According to Selimi, this year we have marked deterioration in the perception to corruption, leading to a weaker score in the control of corruption.


Petrit Selimi

CEO of Kosovo’s biggest non-profit, Millennium Foundation Kosovo. Former Foreign Minister of Kosovo. Opinions here are my own. “A Republic, if you can keep it”

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